What is Pints & Blocks about?

Pints & Blocks is an international event series geared towards opening up discussion and networking among blockchain & FinTech enthusiasts across platforms and protocols.

Our mission is to facilitate discussion and cross pollination between communities with a strong focus on adoption and compliance.

Our founders and supporters globally are recognized leaders in the industry who are active across 5 continents and seek to expand the awareness, adoption and positive dialogue for the problems that this emerging technology faces.

By fostering healthy discussion and building a global network of like minded professionals we seek to expand the reach and impact of this new technology, while moving past the tribalism that has been so rampant in years past.

Let’s work towards shaping a more positive narrative and grow a global community of the best consultants, advisors, developers and entrepreneurs together!

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A Global Blockchain

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Share & Learn

Pints & Blocks was created to break down the barriers between blockchain communities. Learn about other communities and protocols and what they have to offer.

Global Community

Tap into a global community of like minded blockchain professionals who are passionate about adoption and approach the space with an open mind.

Good Spirits

Our community members work hard to host these events and bring people together for drinks at some of the best local pubs and breweries across the world.

Connect with people who are building the future all across the world. We provide the tools to help you host your own Pints & Blocks Meetup in your city.